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I wrote this poem about how sighted people use blindness as a metaphor for so many things when there are huge inherent misconceptions about blindness. Often, people assume you cannot see anything or it’s all blurry. This is wrong. There are wide spectrums of sight and other things that go along with it.

Fear is strong fear is long

He said a metaphor is helpful in understanding a larger truth

She said its just blackness like closing the curtains on a photo booth

Fear is strong fear is long

Love is blind, an eye for an eye, you can’t see what’s right in front of you

How effective is a comparison if the comparison is understood untrue

Fear is strong fear is long

Blindness is a condition not a state of being

Everything you can do I can do without seeing

Fear is strong fear is long

What about the people who live the metaphor life

What about the people who wield same fork and knife

Blindness is strong blindness is long

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